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Say YES to easier weeknights by planning ahead with the Healthy Mama Meal Planner intentional meal planning guide + notebook. 

Since the Healthy Mama Meal Planner first edition launched in 2018, it has been helping women simplify and streamline their weekdays through the simple routine of planning ahead.

The Healthy Mama Meal Planner takes it one step further and guides you, step by step to creating a meal plan that works for your unique family, schedule and planning style, taking the stress out of meal planning, once and for all- and gives you all the tools to do it. 

The 2022 edition features all of the old favorites- a full year of weekly planning and grocery shopping templates, family favorites list, budget breakdown, quarterly pantry and freezer inventory lists and more- plus new features like full color monthly tabs(!), a new monthly calendar layout designed for themes and a sleek new design.


Meal planning simplifies weeknights by creating a plan for even the busiest of days. 

Meal planning has been research-proven to improve overall health status (Ducrot, Pauline et al. 2017) but I believe even more importantly- having a plan takes the stress out of weekday meals- no matter how busy you are, you can plan for the busy days. Planning ahead means you're not left staring into the open fridge at 5pm, wondering 'What's for dinner?', no more grabbing takeout for the third time that week because you're not sure where to even start with feeding your family, less random trips to the grocery and more time to spend with the people you love doing the things you actually love. 

The Healthy Mama Meal Planner is the ultimate tool for simplifying healthy living by planning ahead to create realistic, nourishing meals for your family. It is 150 pages of planning bliss (for those of you who are as planner-obsessed as I am!) or 150 pages of ease when you're looking to simplify and streamline your family's meals, created by me- Kris Dovbniak- a former personal chef, culinary nutritionist and busy mama of two. 

Available in PRINT or PRINT-AT-HOME (available late Nov. 2021) editions, the planner features helpful lists to streamline the meal planning process for easier grocery shopping, better budgeting and simpler, healthier family meals as well as a full year of monthly and weekly planning pages. You'll also get a how-to guide for how to simplify meal planning for your unique family.

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  • Step-by-step how-to guide

  • 12 months of weekly meal planning pages

  • 16+ pages of lists to simplify the meal planning process (family favorite meals, recipes to try, budgeting worksheets, staple groceries + more)

  • Weekly 'on-hand' lists

  • Weekly categorized shopping lists

  • Quarterly pantry and freezer inventories

Frequently asked questions

Are these pre-made meal plans?

Nope! This is a DIY meal planning tool with templates to help you plan meals for YOUR family and preferences. The sky is the limit!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated based on zipcode/postal code (determined by retailer).

How long will my planner take to ship?

Planners ship on-demand within approximately 3-5 days of order. Please leave extra time during the holidays for longer order processing!

To print at home or with a local print shop or a larger entity such as staples, you can purchase the PDF version:

Where do you ship to?

Planners ship worldwide through our provider, Vervante.

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