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Meal Planning can be daunting, I know. I avoided it for YEARS because I didn't understand the point. Life just seemed to get busier and busier and we didn't know what to do for dinner on those busy weeknights, I wasted groceries and regretted how often we ate takeout, but it seemed like it just kept happening. How could I plan ahead if I couldn't even manage getting dinner on the table every night of the week? 

But that's exactly the POINT of meal planning. Meal planning simplifies weeknights by creating a plan for even the busiest of days. It allows you to save money by shopping for just what you need, eat healthier by having the ingredients you need to create meals on hand and plan ahead for those crazy nights, avoid takeout and feel good about the food you're feeding your family (your wallet will thank you, too). It's also SO much easier to eat intuitively and tune into your body when you actually have food on hand. But where do you start? How do you organize the meal ideas, and create a plan that works for YOUR life? 

Meal planning simplifies weeknights by creating a plan for even the busiest of days. 

The Healthy Mama Meal Planner is the ultimate tool for simplifying healthy living by planning ahead to create nourishing meals for your family. It is 250 pages of planning bliss (for those of you who are as planner-obsessed as I am!) or 250 pages of ease when you're looking to simplify and streamline your family's meals, created by a former personal chef, holistic health coach and mama of two. 

Available in PRINT or DIGITAL editions, the planner comes with over a dozen pages of lists to streamline the meal planning process for easier grocery shopping, better budgeting and simpler, healthier family meals as well as a full year's worth of monthly and weekly planning pages. You'll also get insight into how I meal plan for a healthier mama life, PLUS a bonus e-cookbook with twenty of our weeknight family favorite recipes.

2021 Edition Available Now!



  • How I meal plan: my step-by-step meal planning guide 

  • Family Favorites list, Staple Groceries list,  Quarterly Pantry and Freezer inventory lists, Monthly stock-up guide and more

  • NEW: Budget-breakdown to simplify grocery budgeting

  • 12 (dated for 2021) months worth of Monthly + Weekly Meal Planning pages with space to plan meal prep 

  • 12-months worth of Grocery Shopping List templates (divided by store section) 

  • NEW Weekly 'On hand' list to help you streamline planning with what you actually have on hand

  • Full color, spiral-bound bright + colorful to make meal planning FUN! 

  • Recipe Conversions + Food Storage Guide

  • Three LIMITED EDITION Cover Options!


NEW FOR 2021: Weeknight Family Dinners E- book ($14.99 value)

  • Step-by-step how-to guide

  • 60+ Weekly meal planning pages

  • Weekly categorized shopping lists

  • Weekly 'on-hand' list

  • Quarterly pantry and freezer inventories

  • Seasonal family favorites 

  • 16+ pages of lists to simplify the meal planning process

  • helpful resources: food storage guide, recipe conversions and more

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New for 2021 Edition!


20 of our personal family favorite recipes to get dinner on the table quick, even on busy weeknights!

Meat + Plant-based options including:
- Beef and Butternut chili

- Curried Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs

- Lemon Basil Salmon Burgers

- 5-ingredient Meatballs

- Instant Pot Chicken & Broccoli

- Cilantro Lime Shrimp

- Weeknight Enchiladas

- Butternut squash, Kale and Chickpea curry 
... and more!

Frequently asked questions

Are these pre-made meal plans?

Nope! This is a DIY meal planning tool with templates to help you plan meals for YOUR family and preferences. The sky is the limit!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is done via and is calculated upon ordering. For more details:

We do have a digital copy available for you to print on your own:

How long will my planner take to ship?

Planners are shipped by within 3-5 days of ordering.

Where do I find the digital bonuses that go along with the planner?

If you ordered the digitial version, you will recieve an email soon after purchase with the direct link to download. If you do not recieve it (check your Spam folder!), please email and I will send it over to you!

If you purchased a physical book, please submit your reciept: