Bun in the Oven

Healthy Mama

the mind, body and soul guide to a healthy, holistic pregnancy 

Enjoy your healthiest, happiest, fittest pregnancy with the Healthy Mama Bun in the Oven guide:


  • what to eat to nourish baby and yourself for each trimester 

  • natural remedies for pregnancy symptoms 

  • pregnancy superfoods for your healthiest pregnancy

  • mindful eating for pregnancy and beyond

  • exercises + modifications for a strong, fit pregnancy, every step of the way 


  • wrapping your head around baby 

  • managing anxious feelings 

  • dealing with the changes (and emotions) of growing a new life

  • preparing yourself for a strong, healthy delivery


  • connecting with baby on a spiritual level 

  • praying for your baby 

  • affirmations for a healthy pregnancy and birth 


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