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Grab your apron, it's time for cooking school!


In 5 days, learn the basics and beyond of becoming a great cook: 

  • Tool confidence: learn must-have tools (and how to use them well)

  • Cook in the right order: stop running around like crazy in the kitchen- and actually cook with efficiency

  • Essential methods: how to get the outcome you want out of the food you (try to) make!

  • Flavor foundations: how to make your food actually taste awesome- using taste, texture and temperature 

  • The secret to getting better and better skilled in the kitchen (you might be surprised!) 


  • Bonus videos on skills you'll actually use- like how to make veggies taste awesome, how to cook actually moist chicken, the best salad dressing from scratch (and more!)

  • 15 essential recipes every home cook needs to master

Tie up that apron- class starts soon! 

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