Balanced Eating Essentials

What if you knew how to eat in a way that was balanced- without counting calories, stressing about tracking your macros (or eating everything in sight)? 

Real balance isn't found in a plan or a program- it's found in creating flexible habits that work for your unique life. But what habits do I need- and how do I make it work?

Discover the 7 essential habits to becoming a balanced eater- for life. 

Here's the deal:

Balance isn't about perfection. It's about flexibility, creating the RIGHT routines and developing habits that will actually move the needle in helping you embrace balance, every single day (without stress).

Balanced Eating Essentials is here to show you how.

Mobile-friendly, self-paced mini course (lifetime access)

Over 50 balanced meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (plus recipes!)

Bonus Guides: Balanced Eating on the go, Balance for families and Balanced Snacking 


When I first started I was cranky and obsessed with every calorie and gram of protein that went into my body. And believe it or not that was not a fun way to live! I caught myself being short with close family and friends. I was stressed anytime food was involved at a social event. Planning for every single meal was exhausting! Now I have a whole new perspective around food and am able to walk into the kitchen and not want to eat all the things! Food is now something that can be nourishing AND joyful! - Maddie C.